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Time for assimilation of 3 credit ETS (108 hours)

The purpose of discipline - the formation of a system of theoretical knowledge and practical skills in the implementation of computer technology in the design of open-pit mining

The problem of discipline - to give students a knowledge of the use of computer technology in the design of the mining industry in the performance of design and scientific research in the field of open-pit, to determine the key parameters and indicators of technological schemes.

The main sections of the discipline:
- Eeffektivnost widespread use of computer technology in the design and implementation of research in the field of open-pit;
- Construction of an Excel spreadsheet based on certain formulas;
- A necessary standard software to perform according to the subject of research;
- The construction of graphs and bar charts based on calculations using computers;
- A software-based geographic information systems used to solve technological problems in the mining industry;
- Solution design and planning problems by means of geographic information systems (GIS).

As a result of the discipline "Computer technology in the design of the mining industry," the student should be able to: a spreadsheet program on certain formulas, perform correlation spreadsheet to transfer the results of the calculation from the other worksheet to another, analyze the data and predict the dynamics of the development of mineral deposits, to determine type of mining equipment for stripping and mining based on calculations in spreadsheets, graphs and histograms to analyze the changes in the geological and production data in the development of the field, effectively predict the direction of movement of the front of mining operations in the development of mineral deposits on the basis of certain criteria; perform in a GIS K-MINE constructing various linear and volumetric objects mining; perform design tasks for designing circuits career in automated mode.

Types of training activities: workshops, independent work.
Study of the subject ends up setting off

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