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Assistants of department


Gricenko.jpgLeonid Sergeevich Gritsenko - mining engineer, postgraduate student department of “Surface Mining”.

Date of birth 2.15.1987. In 2009, he graduated from the National Mining University. Since 2007, he works as a junior researcher at the Institute of Design Mining Enterprises of the State University “NMU”.

Scientific work consists in carrying out scientific research and design works by topics opencast mining of solid non-metallic minerals in conditions of resource saving and reduced the sanitary protection zone.

Published 9 scientific articles, received 2 patents.


Cherniaev.jpgAlexey Valerievich Chernyaev - mining engineer, assistant department of “Surface Mining”, researcher of the Institute Design of Mining Enterprises.

Was born in 1982. In 2005 graduated from the National Mining Academy of Ukraine with honors in the specialty “Development of Mineral Deposits”.

Educational work is to implement the practical classes of the discipline, “Mechanics of Rocks”, “Theory of Control of the Rock Mass”.

Basic direction of scientific work is the development of resource-saving technologies and optimization techniques development of final depth of non-metallic mineral deposits with the internal dumping.

He has over 10 scientific articles.

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