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Scientific work with students


Since 2000, the department established the Centre for Scientific and Technical Creativity of Youth (CSTCY) which unites today more than 25 students of mining and other faculties. Direction of research in the work of TSNTTM coincides with the basic scientific activities of the department. Purpose of this center is to consolidate and increase the level of gained knowledge in the disciplines that can be read at the department (“Technology of Surface Mining”, “Design of Quarries”, “Theory of Control of Rock Mass”, “Processes of Surface Mining”, “Materials Engineering” and others), to prepare students for participation in student conferences, competitions, attraction of the best students for research activities and for entry into postgraduate school of the University.

Based on the results of this work, in 2010-2011, 6 students participated in the program “Gifted Youth”, and were noted as the best. During this period, with the participation of students, 8 articles were published, including one article in professional journal and one in foreign collection, directly are paid in scientific research work were involved annually 6 students from mining faculty and 4 students from other faculties. In 2010, 2 students were awarded with certificates and special prizes for this work.

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