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The total complexity of the discipline of 144 semester hours (4 credits ECTS)

The purpose of discipline. Provide junior students theoretical knowledge on the basics of open mining and underground mining, mineral processing, mining surveying services, mining, machinery and systems, underwater mining from the bottom of lakes, seas and oceans.
The problem of discipline. As a result of the discipline, students should know:
- Fundamentals of mining open pit and underground methods.
- Equipment for moving loads in mining operations.
- The basic processes of mineral processing.
- Mining Machinery and Equipment.
- Features of alluvial deposits.
- Components of underwater mining technology from the bottom of rivers, seas and oceans.
The main didactic sections:
1. General information about the mining industry.
2.Osnovnye stages of mineral development.
3.Sostavlyayuschie technology mining.
4. Surveying service mining.
5. Overview of development systems underground.
6. General information on the development of open-systems.
7. Features of alluvial deposits.
8. Development of deposits of natural stones and granites.
As a result of the discipline "Fundamentals of mining," the student should be able to:
- It is appropriate to use the mountain to observe the terms and terminology of the mountain;
- Classify the type of deposit, depending on environmental factors;
- Rate mineral reserves within the field;
- Classify minerals on the basis of the national economy;
- Understand the task of surveying services for maintenance of mining operations;
- Classify the excavation, loading and drilling equipment;
- Choose the type of transport for the movement of goods;
- Analyze the application conditions of overburden excavation and their parameters;
- Classify the system of underground mining;
- Classify open development system and how stacking;
- Understand the features of the development of alluvial deposits, deposits of natural stone and granite;
- Navigate the basic processes of enrichment of digging.

Types of training activities: lectures.
Study of the subject ends with an exam.

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