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Time for assimilation is 4.8 ESTS credits (171 hours)

The purpose of discipline - the formation of skills and competence to establish reliable parameters and specifications of the mining process in a probabilistic assessment of sample data.

Discipline objectives - to give students a knowledge of the art collection of sample data and mathematical analysis to determine the main parameters that characterize the processes at open and install them on the basis of standards for performing work assignments on a separate link of the mining enterprise.

The main sections of the discipline:

- a general idea of ​​the probability of the production processes of a mining, data collection and establishment of reliable parameters;

- the procedure for filing and advice on drawing up a possible application for the invention to improve one of the production processes;

- determination of the parameters of sample data and their graphical representation describing the manufacturing processes;

- the accuracy of the numerical characteristics of a number of variations;

- measurement error, their definition and description.

As a result of the discipline "Basic scientific research" a student must be able to: define the parameters of the production processes in the conditions of the mining enterprise, assess and analyze the status and characteristics of mining and transportation systems in the probabilistic nature of the mining work to be able to set targets and draw up an application for an invention to validate new methods and devices in the field of surface mining, do drawings in the sketch and scale of the proposed new technical and technological solutions that utilize the processing of numerical characteristics variation series, measurement errors and their trusted boundary for reliable substantiation specific offer.

Types of studies: lectures, practical classes, independent work.

The study ends with discipline standings.

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