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The total complexity of the discipline is 108 hours (3 credits ECTS)

The purpose of discipline. The purpose of discipline is to teach students the basics of jetting process, as one of the types of complex mechanization of mining operations, to study the effect of groundwater and surface water in terms of exploitation of drainage and drainage career fields and dumps; drainage in his career.
The problem of discipline. As a result of the discipline, students should know:
- The theory of hydraulic rock breaking;
- Methods for calculation of hydraulic transport of rocks;
- Technological bases comprehensive dredging mining at the quarry zemsnaryadnih tease and development;
- Processes and technology of hydraulic mining of mineral resources;
- Technology underwater mining from the bottom of the seas and oceans;
- The influence of surface water and groundwater conditions in the mining and the main drainage scheme career fields;
- Major drainage and drainage schemes.
The main didactic sections:
.1. History and current state of dredging.
2. Mining jetting technology.
3. Tech mining dredges.
4. Tech mining dredge.
5. Underwater mining from the bottom of the seas and oceans.
6. Drainage and drainage pits and dumps.
7. Drainage and sewage.
As a result of the discipline "Hydromechanization, drainage and drainage in the pits," the student should be able to:
- Determine the number of jetting and set their technological parameters;
- Calculate the hydraulic transport options and choose a rational scheme of water supply with the choice of a suitable hydraulic pump equipment;
- Identify key parameters gidrovidvaloutvorennya;
- Calculate the basic parameters of development plan rocks dredgers and dredging;
- Calculate the water flow into the pit and drainage systems;
- Select and calculate drainage schemes and drainage pits and dumps;
- Select technical means of drainage.
Types of training activities: lectures, practical classes.
The study ends with discipline standings.

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