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The overall complexity of the discipline is 5 credits (252 academic hours).

The purpose of discipline - mastering the basics of designing new and reconstruction of existing enterprises, the study of the principles and methods of design based on trends in technical progress in mining and engineering industry, the rational use of material resources.
Task discipline - establishing appropriate organizational and technical solutions to the construction or rehabilitation of mining companies and exploitation of, the implementation of which ensures maximum economic benefit, environmental protection.
Basic didactic units:
Legal aspects of engineering and mining
Methods of designing
Design mining pit limits
Design and disclosure of mining
Hirnychoheometrychnyy analysis of exploration and mining operations mode
Justification comprehensive mechanization of mining operations
Design production capacity of mining companies
Designing complex surface mining companies
Design of reclamation and environmental protection
As a result of the discipline the student should be able to: use the knowledge of the laws of Ukraine in the design pit, prepare the necessary input data including geological features and fields of technological development, to justify the depth and scope of quarries, method detection and lane drop areas; complexes hirnychotransportnoho equipment to establish production capacity careers and working papers, to establish the factors that affect the environment and implement ways to prevent adverse effects.
Types of training: lectures, practical classes, course project.
The study ends with an exam subject.

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