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The total complexity of the discipline is 4 credit units (144 hours).

The purpose of discipline. Give future professionals in the field of design and operation of quarries theoretical knowledge of the organization and planning of mining and practical skills necessary to provide the required level of efficiency of technological processes in open development of deposits. The implementation of these skills into practice will contribute to the improvement of the workplace, improving the quality of planning at all levels and, ultimately, improve performance equipment.

Tasks of discipline. The main task of the discipline - the formation of scientific and professional skills sufficient to develop processes and organization of production as a whole, a system of mining planning and maintaining their quality of during operation career.

Basic didactic units (sections).

Composition and structure of the open pit mining processes. Relationship management functions, planning and organization processes.

Planning processes of open cast mining (common task planning processes, the system of planning, technology planning principles, models and techniques of planning processes, computer-aided planning of mining operations).

Organization processes of open cast mining (preparatory, mining and stripping operations, moving rock mass storage, creation of dumps) based on linear timetables and planogram, and network diagrams.

The relevance and prospects the improvement in further of the methodology of planning and development processes of open mining.

As a result of the discipline "Organization and planning of mining operations," the student should be able to:

-for specific production situation to determine the functions of management, planning and organization processes and their relationship to decision-making process;

-to form a sequence (algorithm) choice rational option plan of mining and related industrial applications career of technological methods;

-to justify the technological conditions (requirements) to mathematical models and methods of solving specific tasks of planning of mining operations;

-to determine how to create a typical geoinformation models and procedures forming a plan of mining operations on the basis of standard geoinformation models (the user);

-to implement a typical procedure for determining the options plan of mining operations from basic (mathematical, geoinformation) model;

-to determine the sequence of the calculation process, time and coordinate-time parameters defined processes to perform calculations and display their dynamics and correlation technology, time and coordinate-time parameters in the form of timetables and planogram.

Kinds of academic work: lectures, practical exercises, individual assignments.

Study discipline over exam.

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