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The total complexity of the discipline is 5 credits (180 hours)

The purpose of discipline. Formation of theoretical knowledge and practical skills to determine the stability of slopes dumps, sides and mining in quarries and their operation under steady state of natural and man-made mining masses that are involved in the process of extraction of minerals.

The problem of discipline.

- General concepts of sustainability and appropriate management with sustainable benches, boards and dumps;

- Design of new dumps, sides and mining in quarries and their operation under steady state of natural and man-made mining masses;

- Sustainability of the limit equilibrium slope of dumps and pit;

- Preservation of objects, structures and mechanisms, in the zone of possible collapse of slopes through the use of technology and engineering methods directional change of mining massif;

- To form the students research skills, experience with textbooks, teaching materials, scientific literature, periodicals, and other sources of information;

- Encourage students to the systematic study of the self.

The main teaching units (sections):

General concepts and provisions in the management of the Mining Mass.

General concepts of the feasibility and sustainability management challenges of sustainable benches, boards and dumps.

Characteristics of mining masses and their properties that govern the behavior of arrays.

Stressed state of equilibrium conditions and slopes.

Groundwater and climate.

Man-made factors of stability and dump pit.

The deformation of the blade and bead arrays, their types and characteristics, supervision and certification of resistant strains.

Method of determining the design characteristics of the clutch, and the density of the internal friction of hard structural arrays.

Building location of surface slip in mining ranges.

Engineering methods for calculating the stability of pit walls and ledges dumps.

The method for determining the angle of repose of sustainable tiered blade on a sustainable basis.

Methods of calculating the stability of pit walls and waste dumps in the Model schemes that take into account the different conditions of the occurrence of rocks and planes of weakness at slop mining mass.

Resistance Management dumps technology and engineering methods and draining mining ranges.

Managed shifts ledges and piles of artificial methods of attenuation and educational changes in the arrays.

State Management and operation of dumps in the managed strains.

Control the state of the mining mass in the existing mining operations.

A study of the subject "Theory of control of the Rock Mass," the student should know: highlights of controlling the stability and sustainability of benches, boards and dumps; development methods for calculating the stability of pit walls of different types, and be able to: calculate the slope stability of dumps, sides and mining on quarries.

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