National TU Dnipro Polytechnic — Compliance with the Time


Number of credits - 3 ESTS (108 hours)

The purpose of discipline - mastering the basics of professional competence, organizational skills and management of workers' collectives.

Task discipline - based on knowledge of professional functions to evaluate objects and items of equipment, including training of workers, safety rules and laws of Ukraine.

The main sections discipline
1.Obyekty of specialists specialty "Mining and mining."
2. Primary position, responsibilities, a place in the workplace and in the workplace.
3. Policy positions, responsibilities and tasks.

A study course "Professional functions and zavdannyaspetsialista" graduate should be able to evaluate the activity objects, professional skills of workers, taking into account the skills and work experience to organize the implementation of production tasks, technical documentation and compliance with the laws of Ukraine

Types of training - lectures.

Study subjects ending credits.

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