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The total complexity of the discipline of 3 credit units (108 hours)

The purpose of discipline. Formation of theoretical knowledge and practical skills to assess the impact of mining companies (open-pit) on the environment and organization measures to reduce the impact of pollutants from equipment needed in the technological process mining.

The tasks of discipline.

- Equip students complete picture about laws that regulate ecological relationships;

- Teach students to identify areas that are polluted with different processes in mining of process equipment;

- An idea about the general scheme of treatment of pollutants and processes that reduce emissions of substances;

- To acquaint students with the technology of purification of pollutants and sparing use of environmental technologies in the extraction of minerals;

- Generate students' research skills, experience with textbooks, manuals, scientific books, periodicals, and other sources of information;

- Encourage students to systematic self-study work.

The main teaching units (sections):

The main provisions of environmental safety in open-cast mining and process mining. Classification of pollutants affecting the ecological security and their main characteristics.

Reduction of dust and gas emission in the preparation of rocks for excavation.

Dumps on steep, sloping fields and their environmental safety.

Groundwater and surface water from the open-cast mining and its impact on the environment.

Vehicles and environmental safety in mining open mine workings.

Measures to reduce the impact of mining companies in the neighborhood.

Assessment of the impact on the environment during the operation of mining companies.

As a result of the discipline "Environmental Security in open-cast mining" the student should be able to:

determine the basic provisions of environmental safety; able to classify environmental contaminants in open development of mineral deposits; acquire abatement dust and gas release in preparation for excavation of rock, to assess the level of the land occupied by the formation of dumps, set the level of impact of groundwater and surface water in the environment and clogging them with open mining, to calculate the main parameters of dumps and identify measures to protect them from erosion, identify key pollutants airspace quarries using vehicles and the main control measures, to know the measures reduce the impact of mines on adjacent areas of the mining enterprise, to assess how way, to what extent, to which objects affect the company in the process of development of the field, to know which parts of the project includes the impact assessment on the environment.

Types of training activities: lectures, practical work.

The study ends with discipline setoff.

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