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The general labor intensiveness of discipline study makes a 3 test units (108 hours).

Aim of the discipline. To give future specialists on open cast mining area the knowledge of Materials science bases and practical skills which are needed for the effective using of materials for the conduct of mining processes. Using of this knowledge in practice will be instrumental in the mining efficiency increasing due to the correct using of correlation between composition, construction, structure and properties of different materials, and also regularity to the rule of their change for thermal, chemical, mechanical and other influences at the open cast mining.

Tasks of the discipline. One of basic tasks of Materials science is the effective using of different materials at the open cast mining work.

Basic didactics units (sections):

Main buildings and constructions on open cast mine.

Materials description and consistency at the mining work.

Natural stone materials, mining, process and destination.

Cementing materials, destination and classification.

Concrete and reinforced concrete.

Metallic materials, their description and destination.

Build and backfill solutions.

Ceramic materials and silicate products.

Paint-and-lacquer materials and antiseptics.


Use of wastes and passing products in the production on build materials and products.

As a result of discipline «Materials science» study the student must be able:

to determine the veritable and middle density of materials; to determine natural humidity of build materials; to determine porosity and voidage of materials; to determine water absorption and coefficient of materials softening; to expect components composition of a building solution of the set brand and volume; to determine durability of brick at a clench and on a bend; to determine the limit of wood durability; to set properties and vices of wood on standards; to use measures on giving wood of protective properties for prevention of it from spoilage and rotting.

Types of educational work: lectures, practical employments.

The study of discipline ends with a test.

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