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The overall complexity of studying the discipline is 4.5 credits (162 hours)

The purpose of discipline. Formation of theoretical knowledge and practical skills to determine the physical and mechanical properties of mining breed stresses arising in the array, which affect the stability of mining.

Problems of discipline.

- determination of physical and mechanical properties of rocks by laboratory and production testing of samples of these rocks;

- evaluate the stress state of the rock mass by identifying tensions in the sides of pits and dump slopes;

- set of strength parameters of rock by the results of theoretical studies undisturbed by surveying the array shifted shooting rocks in the quarry;

- to analyze the stability of the rock mass on ledges in the dumps around the underground workings based on loads of equipment, construction of supporting prisms and walls, the influence of water, the presence of layers of plastic rocks laxatives and other factors;

- identify possible array type strain and violations stability at slop structures using hydrogeological and engineering-geological documentation;

- calculate the parameters of gravitational movement and releasing rock underground, open shafts and bunkers;

- generate students' research skills, experience with textbooks, manuals, scientific books, periodicals, and other sources of information;

- encourage students to systematic self-study work.

Basic didactic units (sections):

Summary of rock mechanics and processes in mining mass, engineering mechanics problem of mining arrays sides, dumps, mining structures. Geotechnic classification of rocks.

Solid rock, its physical and mechanical properties. The stress state of the mining mass.

The strength of the rocks, the theory of strength O. Mora and passport strength.

Defining properties of rocks in the array and in vitro (reviewed methods).

Resistance vertical slopes ledges, sides and their calculations.

Stability of vertical slopes and calculations methods P.M.Tsymbarevycha and A.G.Shapar and G.L.Fisenko.

Stress-strain state of mining massif. The equation of the boundary equilibrium. Limit equilibrium species array slope side career. Factor stability of the array.

Stresses in the mining mass at great depth, the stress distribution around the mines, mining interaction array of underground workings.

Mining pressure control rock pressure in training, capital and purification workings.

The mechanism of deformation and changes of the mining mass after cleansing removal. Factors affecting changes rocks.

Theories of rock pressure, principles for determining loads mountable theories MMProtodyakonova, PM Tsymbarevycha, A. Labasa.

Processes zdymannya rock sole in the workings.

The concept of continuum mechanics and its value.

As a result of swelling the subject "The mechanics of rocks" the student must know: the general concepts of the physical and mechanical properties of mining pressure theory, principles of determining the stress and strain changes of the rock mass.

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