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Time to assimilate is 19 ESTS credits (684 hours)

The purpose of discipline - the formation of skills and competencies of the processes, technology and organization and safety in the development of gentle, sloping and steep deposits of minerals by opencast methods.

The problem of discipline - to give students knowledge of technology, organization and safety in the development of gentle, sloping and steep deposits of minerals, determination of the main parameters of schemes, technological and economic performance of the pits on certain criteria, and design drawings of mining operations.

The main sections of the discipline:

- general information about the features of the open mining of solid minerals;

- the elements and parameters of quarries;

- production capacity of quarries;

- periods of production processes and surface mining;

- preparation of the mountain can cut the recess;

- excavation and loading work;

- movement of the rock mass;

- storage of mining waste production;

- opening of career fields;

- mining and transport of surface mining of mineral deposits;

- continuous mining and transport systems are very small pits;

- continuous mining and transport of small pits;

- continuous mining and transport of quarry medium depth and deep;

- deepening mining transportation system development;

- Design of deepening mining and transport systems;

- deepening-continuous mining and transport systems;

- method of calculation of the efficiency and technological solutions of open-pit mining;

- parameters of waste filling of deep pits.

As a result of the discipline "Technology of open-pit mining," the student should be able to: identify the key parameters of deep pits, strip ratio and determine the ultimate pit depth, construct and analyze graphics mode of mining, to determine the parameters of the working area career, to determine annual and deepening shift mountain work in the quarry, to determine the performance of a career on minerals and overburden stripping ratios to determine and apply them in determining the ultimate depth of the quarry and the steeply sloping fields, perform mining fields geometric analysis and graph mining regime and schedule mining , identify ways of opening and development system of shallow, sloping and steep deposits of minerals, to assess the viability of mining based on the geological conditions of their occurrence on certain criteria, to perform a sketch drawings and scale of development systems shallow, sloping and steep deposits of minerals used technological and economic criteria for determining the efficiency of field development technologies, to assess and analyze the patterns of design drawings of exploitation by the formulas to determine the basic parameters and the economic performance of field development systems.

Types of training activities: lectures, workshops, independent work.

Study of the subject ends with an exam.

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