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The curator is appointed to assist students in shaping students' collective group of individual conducting educational work, communicating with parents of students finding out students' problems, providing possible assistance, monitoring the learning process and so on. The curator of the student group may be a teacher who has authority, there is high moral character, has a remarkable teaching skills and organizational skills and can provide a positive educational impact on students.

The curator is appointed by order of the Dean of the Faculty (Director of Institute) on the proposal of the department head. Work performed by him will be in the journal Curator and taken into account in the individual terms of teachers. Curator assigned to student groups, usually for the entire period of study at the university. Changes may be made curator Dean for legitimate reasons, if not coped with the performance of their duties or on the initiative of a group of students.

1. Duties of curators

Curator shall:

facilitate the creation of student groups healthy moral and psychological climate, the establishment of normal relations between students and faculty and staff of the University;
assist in the formation of an asset group student group, the development of positive value orientations of students aimed at gaining knowledge, enhance their general cultural level , maintaining a healthy lifestyle, etc.;

pursue individual educational work with students groups to find out the status of their discipline and training, accommodation, care and provide all possible assistance to students in solving the problems that depend on the university;

establish and maintain relationships with parents of students. Timely inform them about the state of academic achievement and problems that may arise in the student life of their children and the resolution of which will require the help of parents;

conduct of organizational and educational work in the student group, according to the plans of the administration, dean and his own plan;

make plans for cultural and educational work in the prescribed student groups and reports on their implementation;

regularly keep a journal curator;

assist students in the selection of subjects sampling cycle;

provide students with assistance in selecting locations and distribution of employment;

respect the confidentiality of individual student work with the Trust and distribute information that relates to them personally .

2. Rights of curators

The curator is entitled:

nominate top students for success in group learning, science, sports, cultural and media and public work to awards and various forms of incentives;

administration to act on the application of established forms of disciplinary and administrative penalties to the students admitted for their violations of labor, discipline, order, etc.;

participate in the assessment of organizational capabilities wards students, the performance of public orders;

wards to protect students when they are applied unfairly inflated measure of punishment. Contributions students from universities from all causes is done only after the approval of the curator;

participate in matters scholarships, accommodation in dormitories attached group of students.

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