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Professors of department


Sobko.jpgBoris Efimovich Sobko

Mining engineer, professor department of “Surface Mining”, Head of the department “Surface Mining”, doctor of technical sciences, senior researcher.

Date of birth - 7/15/1963. In 1989 graduated Dnepropetrovsk Mining Institutein the specialization “The Technology and Complex Development of Mineral Deposits”. In 1989 – 2010 worked in the research sector at the NMU of engineering and scientific positions.

Educational work consists of lectures and guidance of the course, and degree designing of mining disciplines.

Scientific work is to manage the implementation of research projects by technology of surface mining of ore deposits and introduction in mining production modern information technology.

He owns more than 100 published scientific articles, including 3 monographs.

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Pchelkin.jpgGeorge Dmitrievich Pchelkin

Mining engineer, since 1964, is a candidate of technical sciences, since 1996 a professor. He graduated from the Dnepropetrovsk Mining Institute in 1957, and in 1989 – 1992 he was the head of the department, professor emeritus at NMU, vice-president of the Alumni Association of the NMU. He has supervised 10 Ph.D. theses. He has about 200 scientific works, inventions, 150 of which are printed; including textbooks, manuals and monographs.

The most important works are devoted to the development of mineral deposits in complex geological conditions and formation of technogenic deposits.

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Oleksii Lozhnikov –  professor of department of “Surface Mining”, Doctor of technical sciences, PhD.

He was born in 1983. In 2005 graduated from the National Mining Academy of Ukraine in the specialty “Development of Mineral Deposits”. In 2008 trained at the Freiburg Mining Academy (Germany) in the topic of the thesis.

Academic work is conducted by lectures and practical exercises in the disciplines: “Materials Engineering” and “Technology of Surface Mining”.

Basic direction of scientific work is development of resource saving technologies during operation of sloping deposits.

He has more than 89 published scientific articles. 

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