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Main reason for entrant chooses open cast mining specialty


1.2.jpgA department is founded in 1956 due to energetic activity of professor M.G. Novozhilov, the doctor of technical sciences, creator of Ukrainian scientific school of mineral deposits open cast mining, which counted more than 150 candidates and doctors of technical sciences. Among them: Corresponding Member of NAS of Ukraine, twice laureate of the State bonus of Ukraine professor E.I. Efremov; Corresponding Member of NAS of Ukraine, laureate of the State bonus of Ukraine, professor A.G. Shapar, laureate of the State bonus, professor B.M. Tartakovskiy, laureate of the State bonus, professor A.Y. Drizhenko, I.L. Gumenik, V.I. Prokopenko, G.D. Pchelkin and other.

Since 2015 a department is headed by the doctor of technical sciences, professor B.Y. Sobko.

Presently preparation of bachelors, specialists and master's degrees on specialization is “Surface mining” 8 professors and 6 associate professors work on a department.

1.7.jpgForms and terms of studies

Forms of preparation - daily, instruction by correspondence.

Teaching terms:

- for the receipt of qualification “Bachelor” - 4 (daily form) and 4 years (instruction by correspondence)

- for the receipt of Master's Degree” is 1 year 4 months (daily form and instruction by correspondence).

Terms of studies on the base of educationally-qualifying level the “Junior specialist”:

- for the receipt of qualification “Bachelor” - 3 (daily form) and 3 (instruction by correspondence);

- for the receipt of Master's Degree” is 1 year 4 months (daily form and instruction by correspondence).

Students on completion of the first course of studies at passing of acquainting practice are in a position to get a certification on a right to work as the machinist assistants of power-shovels, that allows them to work during production practices, to perfection to study a profession and get a salary.

1.3.jpgOrganization of educational process

The students of this specialty get fundamental knowledge on higher mathematics, physics, chemistry, informatics and programming, study the professionally oriented disciplines (theoretical mechanics, resistance of materials, thermodynamics, geology, geodesy, bases of ecology, economy of enterprises and other). Considerable attention is spared mastering of humanitarian and socio-economic disciplines (history of Ukraine, philosophy, bases of economic theories, bases right, foreign language, physical education). Except for basic technological disciplines (deposits mining technology, blast of mining rocks, aerology of mining enterprises, mining machines, transport systems of mining enterprises, planning of mining enterprises), some of disciplines studied on the choice of student.

Created on a department scientifically the methodical complex of disciplines provides preparation of specialists which are able in the difficult terms of market economy to develop strategy and tactic of open cast mining works.

Studies are conducted after the latest methods in audiences with a modern equipment, students are in a position to work in computer classes, mastering the most widespread software products, that is instrumental in preparation of highly skilled specialists.


1.6.jpgGraduating students work: by mining masters, chiefs of areas, chiefs of technical and production departments, main engineers and directors of quarries; by leaders and specialists of mine-technological subsections, main engineers, technical directors and generals director of ore mining and processing combines, specialists and leaders of subsections, main engineers of projects and institutes, directors of project establishments; by research workers and teachers of higher educational establishments and others.

Enterprises for practices passing and labour after university completion: open cast mine of the Nikopol manganese pool, ore mining careers and processing combines of Krivbass, Poltavskij and Irshanskij careers of ore mining and processing combines, Volnogorsk mining-ore combine, joint-stock company “Energougol“, Dokuchaevskiy FDK, joint-stock company “Vesko”, Druzhkovskiy ore-managment and other. These enterprises are leaders in mining industry of Ukraine, use modern technologies and mine-transport equipment which corresponded to a world level.


1.5.jpgA department also carries out preparation of graduate students and person working for doctor's degree. For years existence departments geared-up more than 20 doctors and 130 candidates of technical sciences.

At studies on a department students also are in a position to take part in implementation of research and project works, that allows at high level to execute research diploma projects and master's degree works and, the same, execute preparation of reserve to post graduate studies. For this purpose on the open cast mining department found Center of scientific and technical creation of young people, to 20 students of different courses specialty are annually attracted in this work.

International scientific and pedagogic connections. A department constantly co-operates with the Technical university “Bergacademy Freiberg” (Germany) sending on internship of students, graduate students and research workers.

In September 2018 at the Department of Surface Mining NTU "Dnipro Polytechnic" the opening of a modern computer class created with the support of "Poltava MPP" was held. The opening ceremony was attended by the rector of NTU DP academic of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine G.G. Pivniak, Director of Poltava Mining V.V. Lotous, Dean of the Faculty of Mining, prof. Buzilo V.I., head of Department of Surface Mining prof. Sobko B.Yu., as well as the staff of the department of the Surface Mining.

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