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Trial and industrial practices


Practice is one of the most important components of the preparation of bachelors and masters.

x_572aea9b.jpgDuring the study, students should take a few practices - geological, geodetic, trial, production, and pre-diploma.

Geological practice students have an opportunity to pass in the mountains of the Crimea and a geodesic on the range of Novomoskovsk Orlovschiny region.

Trial, production, and pre-diploma practices students pass at leading mining enterprises - Poltava Mining and Processing Combine, Dokuchaev flux-dolomite combine, Volnogorsk Mining and Metallurgical Combine, Irshansk Mining and Processing Combine, quarries for the extraction of building materials and stone blocks for architectural products, which there are about a thousand of in Ukraine.

During the trial practice at Poltava Mining and Processing Combine students have an opportunity to obtain a work profession an assistant of operator excavator - the main extraction equipment in the pits. This allows them to work in workplaces during the passage of industrial practices, and more completely study the basic processes in the quarries.



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