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SobkoBY.jpgAt the department, there is preparation of specialists available in the direction of Mining specialty Development of Mineral Deposits, specialization Surface Mining.

Department is headed by the famous scientist, expert in mining, doctor of technical sciences, professor  - Boris Sobko.

The department offers preparation of Bachelors and Masters.

Educational process provides 8 professors, 4 associate professors and 2 assistants. All tutors are graduates of the National Mining University. There are postgraduate school and doctoral school at the department. In 2010 - 2011 study 7 postgraduates, one of them representative of the Republic of Angola. Total department has 35 employees, including scientific employees and service staff.

In 2015 two researches of the department are going to defend their PhD thesis.

The department provides trial and industrial practices for students, which usually occur at the leading mining companies, which use modern technology, mining and transport equipment. Constant cooperation with the leading mining companies can provide the students with places for training and work practices, and for graduates - employment.



Room 1/25.

Tutors of the department must pass training in the leading universities and scientific research institutes, including the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, as well as at mining enterprises, that allow them to update their knowledge to the scientific and industrial activity.

The lecturers of department successfully carry out scientific work. Annually, they carry out 2-3 state budget and 5 - 6 contract-based research and project works. Also, the departments staff created the Center for Problems of Blasting Operations (supervisor Alexandr Strilec), Institute of Design Mining Enterprises (supervisor prof. Drizhenko A.U.), Center for Mining Information Technologies (scientific head prof. Sobko B.Yu.), that address current problems Surface mining.


Lecture classes, room 1/25.

At the department pays much attention to attracting students to scientific research. Also, the Center for Scientific and Technical Works of Youth Creative was created, which annually runs 15 - 20 students. The best students in the department receive scholarships of Professor M.G Novozhilov.

The department established subject audience of Professor Novozhilov M.G. (Room 1 / 25) which held lectures and computer class (room 5 / 46), which held practical classes and laboratory works.  


Practice room 5/46

In 2008 the Poltavsky MPP enterprise contributed to the opening of the new computer class on Department of Surface mining, equipped by 13 computers, a multimedia screen and furniture, in recognition of the long-term cooperation and preparation of highly skilled specialists for Poltava MPP, thanks to the Dnieper polytechnic.


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